Asking customers for referrals just got automated

AgencyZoom is integrated with! What is ReferralCarrot, and why should you integrate it?

Statistics show that happy customers are often willing to refer their family and friends, yet only about 11% of us ask for a referral.

This could be due to many reasons. We either forget, we're too shy, or we simply lack the process to manage referrals and any reward campaign you offer. With ReferralCarrot, that's all about to change!

ReferralCarrot allows agents to create their own personalized referral site (e.g., and share their referral link with all of their customers.

What does ReferralCarrot offer?

As mentioned earlier, with ReferralCarrot you and your entire team will have their own personalized referral site.

Why have a referral site?

  1. To make it easy for your customers to send you referrals

  2. To make sure that every one of your customers has the opportunity to send you a referral

  3. To help you manage your referral reward program (if you have one)

  4. To help you better manage every lead from referrals and follow through until closure

  5. To lower the cost of customer acquisition

  6. To help increase your first year's retention... a referred customer has a much higher 1st-year retention rates.

Once you've set up your ReferralCarrot account and integrate it, AgencyZoom will automatically include a link to your referral site in the new business Welcome Packet so that you can ask every new customer for a referral. When a customer clicks on the "Refer Me" link located in the welcome packet, they will be directed to your personalized referral site.

Each one of your team members will have their own referral site too!

Here's a summary of the ReferralCarrot features

  1. Your own personalized referral site that can be used to share with your customer as an easy way to collect referrals

  2. Email alerting when someone sends you a referral

  3. List of referrals with status update (sold, lost, quoted, etc.)

  4. Do you offer rewards for referrals? ReferralCarrot helps you manage who got rewarded and who didn't.

Once you have your own referral site, customers can visit your site and start referring you to their contacts. Once a referral is generated, the system will automatically:

  1. Send you a referral alert via email

  2. Add the referral to your referral list

From there, you're just responsible for tracking the status of your referral (quoted, sold, lost, etc) and managing your referral reward program (if applicable).


Image 1.

Your own referral hyperlink shared with every new customer:


Image 2

Sample referral site that your customers will have access to

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