Step 1 - Click on My Agency --> Personalized Referral Sites

Step 2 - Start the set up wizard
If you're brand new you'll see an option to start the set up wizard.  If you previously set up, simply press the Edit button in the top right corner.

Step 3 - Let the set up wizard guide you
It's super easy.  Go through each step, then check out your new link afterwards.  You can always make updates to anything you saved in the wizard.  All you have to do is restart the set up wizard.  Just make sure you go through the entire wizard so your updates are saved.

Here's exactly what the setup wizard looks like (step-by-step):

  • Personal Referral link for you and each member of your staff.

  • Option to tie a referral reward program (gift card) to each referral.

  • Option to upload an image or select from fun avatars to personalize your referral generating site.  For you and each staff member.

  • Create a custom call to action that will display on your personalized referral generating website.

  • Copy your new referral link so you can blast it on social media and embed it into your email signature

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