What's the difference?

The Written Business shown both on your Dashboard and in your Written Business reports is a direct reflection of what you (or your team) has uploaded into AgencyZoom. These numbers do not take into account policy cancellations, chargebacks, etc unless manually modified. If your comp plan is setup to pay off of Written Business, you are not required to upload any Dash reports. Pay will be calculated directly from the Written Business that is uploaded to AgencyZoom and reflected on the main AgencyZoom dashboard.

If your pay is based off of Issued Business, AgencyZoom will calculate pay with considerations of ALL chargebacks and chargeups that happen during policy term. Allstate Issued Net Business numbers come from our DASH integration and will match the Sub Producer Comp Summary report exactly.
 Examples of Chargebacks:
 - Terminations
 - Suspending a car
 - Other endorsements that lower premium
 Examples of Chargeups:
 - Adding a car to an auto policy
 - Increasing coverage
 - Other endorsements that raise premium
 The premium for chargebacks and chargeups are pro-rated based on when the change happens to the policy.

Pro tip: Your Written Business and Issued Business totals will very rarely match.

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