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Uploading your activity data enables you to track specific activities your agency has completed and review trending reports for transparency on the Agency's performance.

This article covers the following:

  • How to create an activity

  • How to add your data into AgencyZoom

  • How to review the activity data/reports

How to create an Activity

  • Click on Activities from the main menu

  • Click on Activity Types to add a new activity

  • Click Add

  • Input the Activity Name, Benchmark (daily goal) and who the activity Applies to

  • Click Save when done


How to add Activity data into AgencyZoom

For any activity that is assigned to a staff member, they will be able to manually log their data by:

  • Click on Activities 

  • Locate the Acitivty Logger

  • Log data for the corresponding day

  • Save

How to review the data/reports

You have 3 different report options, all of which can be found under the Activities tab. Here's a brief explanation for each of the reports.

  • Daily Activity Summary: Review activity data by LSP from a daily view

  • Monthly Activity Report: Review activity total for a specific month, with ranking and averages

  • Agency Activity Trending: Review trending reports based on historical data for the entire agency

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