What does the Winback Automation feature do? 

AgencyZoom turns your terminated clients into real time leads for your producers automatically and it knows exactly when to distribute each lead individually so that your producers have the best chance to close them!

Step-By-Step Guide - Approx 5-10 minutes for set up

(Note - Must use Internet Explorer and you must have admin access to your Management System reports):

  1. From your AgencyZoom Dashboard, select Winbacks from the left navigation

  2. The next screen will ask you to confirm your winback settings This is your opportunity to choose which producers will receive Winback leads. Any changes to settings will ONLY affect future Winback uploads.  After you have confirmed your setting choices click Save and then select Continue

  3. Next you will be asked to download your termination report. Just click the Download Report button and you'll be taken directly to the termination report

  4. Click the Export button in the top left corner of the report Located between the binoculars and the refresh button.

  5. Input the From and To dates to export termination

  6. Once you click on the export button you will see a popup. Make sure to switch from REPORT to DATA

  7. Click OK

  8. After you close the popup, you will see an save option menu at the bottom of your internet explorer.  Click on the down arrow then click Save AS

  9. Go back to your AgencyZoom window and select Upload Report so you can upload the report you just saved

  10. If any Aged Terminations have been detected, select how you would like these to be delivered. Otherwise, you're all set!

All done!  Sit back and relax, we'll take care of distributing those leads at the perfect time!

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