The following is a list of our most frequently asked questions around Commission and Payroll.

  • Q: What data does AgencyZoom use to calculate commission?

  • A: That depends on how you setup your commission plan. If you do chargebacks (i.e. pay on net issued business) then AgencyZoom will use the Dash and iVantage reports (Allstate Specific). If you don't do chargebacks, then AgencyZoom will use the data in AgencyZoom.

  • Q: Do I have to upload Dash and iVantage reports? If so, how often do I have to do it? - Allstate Specific

  • A: You do have to upload the Dash and iVantage reports but only to calculate your commission based on issued premium, otherwise it's optional. The reports are usually released the 2nd week of the month. All you have to do is upload the reports when it's time to do the monthly payroll (after the reports have been released). Click this link for instructions.

  • Q: How do chargebacks impact the producer's commission? - Allstate Specific

  • A: If you do pay based on net issued premium, then AgencyZoom will only pay your producers based on issued premium. However, only cancellations and chargebacks that occur within the first renewal period impact the producer's commission. Example, if John sold an Auto Policy today and it cancelled 3 months from today, AgencyZoom will deduct that policy from the payable premium. If that same policy, cancels in 8 months vs. 3 months then it will not impact John's commission. All chargebacks are prorated and do not occur at 100% of the original premium.

  • Q: Who can view the monthly payroll report?

  • A: Only account administrators with comp access are allowed to view the payroll report. By default, it's only the agency owner who has this access unless someone else is granted the same access. To check on this, just click on My Agency then About My Agency, scroll to the staff members section and click on a user's name to view their permissions.

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