Customizing your agency's Points Plan is insanely easy.

Simply navigate to My Agency --> Policy Points Plan

From there you will see that you can customize your Points Plan to meet your agency's needs.


  • Customizations will only apply to policies moving forward unless you indicate you also want them to apply to previously written policies

  • If you want your new Points Plan to also apply to previously written policies, you can specify what year you want to apply the plan to.  For example, all policies are written in 2019.  In this case, the plan will apply to ALL policies moving forward and to ALL policies previously written in 2019.

  • Any customizations you make will show the word "Customized" so you can easily see things you have changed

  • Restoring defaults is easy!  Simply click the "Restore Defaults" button then click "SAVE".  Changes will apply to all policies written forward unless you also apply the defaults to previously written years.  (Same as above)



As always, if you need more help simply click the "Live Chat" help bubble in the bottom right corner of any page of AgencyZoom.

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