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What is HR Broadcast and how to use it
What is HR Broadcast and how to use it

Understand the purpose of HR Broadcast and how and when to use it.

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Did you ever send out an important email to your team (e.g. new sales process, new employee handbook) and wondered if they ever read it? 

Or my favorite. "I never got that email".  😡 

With HR Broadcast you can now send important communication to either a specific user, specific team (e.g. sales team) or the entire company and be confident in knowing that it'll be read.

How does this work? 

When you send out a communication via HR Broadcast, AgencyHR will keep nudging people until the communication is read. Once it's read, they will be asked to acknowledge that communication. The acknowledgment will then be recorded in their HR folders.

Pretty cool right 😎 

How do you create an HR Broadcast?

  1. Go to AgencyHR then click on HR Broadcast (see video for location)

  2. Click on + HR Broadcast

  3. Add title, comments and attach any documents you'd like to include 

  4. Click Next

  5. Select who and when you'd like to send this broadcast 

  6. Click Broadcast Now and that's it 😊 

Important note: Team members who have not acknowledged the HR Broadcast will not be able to use any system features (e.g. time clock or PTO request) until they acknowledge it. We got your back 👊 

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