Using the lead manager feature in AgencyZoom? Be sure to review this quick guide explaining the Smart Cycle stage and how to use it.

In this guide we will go over the following:

  1. What is Smart Cycle

  2. How to add Smart Cycle events

  3. How to move a lead to the Smart Cycle stage

What is Smart Cycle

Smart Cycle (formally known as X-date) is a bucket that you can drop unsold quotes into and we'll make sure they automatically recycle back at the perfect time.

For example, when their accident falls off, when a claim falls off, X-Date.

When you move a lead to the Smart Cycle stage, all you have to do is select the event that you'd like to trigger recycling the lead and the system will automatically put the lead on the back burner until the date you've selected.  

Then, AgencyZoom will automatically place the lead back in the "New" milestone in your pipeline with all of the prior comments/notes and notify the lead owner. 

This is a great way to ensure that no lead is left behind and to also make sure that only the leads that you're actively working are shown in your pipeline while all cold leads are tucked away for a later date. 


How to add Smart Cycle events

Once you have a lead added to AgencyZoom, all you have to do is the following to add new Smart Cycle events:

  1. Double click on a lead that you'd like to add Smart Cycle events to

  2. From the left panel, click on the "+" in the Smart Cycle section

  3. Select the event type from the drop box, select the date then click save

How to move a lead to Smart Cycle stage

If you ever come across a lead that has gone cold but you may have a better chance at closing at a later date, then all you have to do is the following to move that lead out of your active pipeline and put back at later date:

  1. Click and drag that lead to the "Smart Cycle" Stage

  2. Select an existing event date or add a new one if you don't have one added

  3. Add any notes then save

Once a lead is moved to the Smart Cycle stage, it will stay there until the selected date.  You can see a list of all of your leads in the Smart cycle stage from the list view or by clicking the recycle icon from your pipeline. 

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