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Only the account administration with compensation permissions or the agency owner have access to be able to create compensation plans or view payroll.  Prior to running your compensation, be sure your comp plan is setup. 


How to calculate Payroll 

Quick Tip - for Allstate Agents please proceed in Internet Explorer

  • Select My Agency

  • Click Run Comp

  • Select the Production Month from the drop down and click Start 


Are you paying off of Written Business

  • Congrats! You're done! 


Are you paying off of Issued Business? - Allstate Specific

AgencyZoom automatically populates which reports are needed to run your compensation based on how your compensation plan is setup.  The following steps will vary for each user depending on the setup of their individual plans.


  • Click Download Report - When you click "Download Report", a new tab will open and the correct report from Dash will automatically load. 

  • Click the Export button in the top left corner of the report

  • Select Data

  • Click OK

  • Save the file somewhere on your PC (make sure it’s easy to find)

  • Go back to your AgencyZoom window and select Upload Report Tip: If you have multiple locations, you will need to upload each location individually for your Premium report.  The Item report will load all locations in one report.

  • Select Next and repeat the above steps until you reach the Summary screen.


How to View Payroll

You did it! To review your team's calculated commissions, select the blue dollar amount listed in the total column on your Summary page or go to My Agency -> View Comp. For a more detailed look you can also download and/or email your team their compensation statements.  

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