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Mobile App - Dashboard Features
Mobile App - Dashboard Features
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The Dashboard on the mobile app gives you an amazing way to see the 3 most important metrics:

  • Today's Goal - What do you need to accomplish today?

  • Trending For - What are you trending to hit at month end?

  • MTD Numbers - What is your current MTD production?

Let's break each of these down.

Today's Goal

You'll see exactly what you need to accomplish today. We recommend that you look at this every single morning before you start working.

As you make sales, the number that you need to accomplish will get smaller and smaller. The goal is simple - Leave every day with a big green circle and check mark showing that you've accomplished what you need to accomplish today.

Try tapping on a card to see more details.

Trending For

Swiping the main card to the right will show you what you are Trending For.

This is a real-time forecaster built into AgencyZoom so you're never surprised.

When you tap on a card, you'll see a really cool interactive report with details.

MTD Numbers

Swiping the main card to the left will show your current MTD production.

The default view is set on your main metric but feel free to toggle over to any other metric to see those stats.

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