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AgencyHR - How to manually adjust PTO hours
AgencyHR - How to manually adjust PTO hours
Written by Seth Harter
Updated over a week ago

Are your employee's PTO hours a few short or a few too many? No worries! PTO hours can be added and subtracted manually directly from their HR folder. Here is how:

  1. Go to AgencyHR > HR Folders

  2. Select the employee you need to make adjustments for.

  3. Click the "Manually Add PTO" button

  4. Fill in the information in the popup accordingly, including the employee's name, the PTO type, and how much should be added or subtracted. If subtracting hours, please put the negative sign (-) in front of the amount.

5. Hit Save and the hours will update.

You'll be good to go after that! You can add and remove hours at any time.

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