NOTE - This only applies to the Lead Manager (prospects and referrals) and has nothing to do with syncing your Book of Business (customers).  Everything is synced for your Book of Business.

As of January 1, 2020 QQCatalyst's API (integration technology) does not allow AgencyZoom or any others integration software to send over the following information.  QQ is working on adding this to their API so that we can update it automatically.

In actuality, none of these are really necessary because they either
A. Get automatically updated by Ivans
B. Are easily updated when/if you manually issue policies

All Pre-Issue lead reporting should be done in AgencyZoom, where we have robust, easy to understand reports.

Customer Info - Additional Info

Agent and Created By

  • When we create a file in QQ the Agent and Created By will always show up as the manager that setup the sync between AgencyZoom and QQ.


  • This will be blank

Policy Info - Additional Info


  • This will be blank

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