Everyday you create and send lots of emails: 

  • Maybe you're sending a follow up email about a quote

  • Maybe you're following up on a claim

  • Maybe you're designing an email template that you'll include in an automation sequence.

Here's the question...should you send a text only email OR should you send an HTML Templated email that is enriched with pictures and other pretty formatting.

Welp...The answer might surprise you!

Why you should trust us

Before I give you the results, I'd like to add some context on how we came up with them.  Take a guess on how many emails have been sent from AgencyZoom to help with prospecting, onboarding and retention...It's in the millions! 

That's a lot of real-world data that we can analyze to say what works and what doesn't.

Plus, we spent a lot of time reading articles so you don't have to.  Here are just some of the articles in case you don't want to take our word on it.




Stick to Plain Text and ditch the HTML Templated emails!

The reason is actually simple:

  • You work at an Insurance Agency 

  • You're NOT a huge corporation like Apple or Starbucks

  • You send personalized communication to customers and prospects

Plain Text emails look and feel sincere.  They look and feel like you personally wrote them, whereas a HTML Templated email looks like some Marketing Intern put it together and has no idea who the customer is.

How about the facts on Plain Text vs HTML Templated emails:

  • HTML has a 25% lower Open rate....OUCH!!!

  • HTML has a 51% lower Click rate....OUCH!!!

To be fair, HTML emails can be effective if they are used in the right circumstance.  So, here's our guide on exactly when to use one vs the other:

Use Plain Text email for:

  • Sales related emails - Any emails sent to leads and referrals

  • Service related emails - Claims, endorsements, certificates, payments, etc

  • Nurturing Emails

  • Follow Ups

  • Personal emails - Like Birthdays and Weddings

So, if the above is true, when the heck would you ever send an HTML templated email?

  • Agency Newsletter

  • Holidays

  • Giveaways

  • Agency Events

There might be a couple more that I missed, but that's basically it.


Now that we've established Plain Text emails as your money maker, I thought I'd also share our list of pre-built automation sequences the include email engagement.

Build these sequences into AgencyZoom's Lifecycle Automation and your guaranteed to increase your contact rate, sales, and retention!

Head over to this link to see Proven Automation Sequences that are pre-built for you!


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