In this guide we'll go over some of our Email Templates, which we've created with the assistance of some of the nation's top performing insurance agents. You can use these templates to help build perfect automation sequences in AgencyZoom.

The goal of these emails is to

  • Increase the open rate 

  • Increase response rate

  • Increase the conversion rate from lead to sold

We have organized the email templates by the stages in your AgencyZoom pipeline (new, contacted, quoted, and smart cycle) to make it easier to follow.

Note: for your convenience, we've added all of these templates to your email templates folder in AgencyZoom

New Stage

The New stage is meant for new leads that you haven't spoken with. Maybe you've received a referral from a loan officer, or you've purchased an internet lead or live transfer, the goal is to initiate contact with this new lead as soon as possible.

3 Templates you can immediately send to new leads
2 Follow up templates you can use to increase your contact rate
2 Breakup templates that will close the loop and get responses

Contacted Stage

The Contacted stage is meant for leads you already contacted but haven't been quoted yet.

[Templates coming soon]

Quoted Stage

The Quoted stage is meant for leads you have quoted. The goal is to get them to buy from you.

[Templates coming soon]

Smart-cycle Stage

The Smart-cycle stage is meant for leads you couldn't close today but have a chance of closing at a later date. The goal is to warm these leads back up and keep them warm until you're ready to call them again.

[Templates coming soon]

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