So you've got a new insurance lead, but you can't get a hold of them.

We've all been there! Following up is an art that all Insurance agents need to master. These two follow up templates have proven results, and you can start using them right now.

Pro-Tip: When creating follow up emails don't spend too much time thinking about what the email should say - keep it short and direct. The most important part is the subject line.

Before we get to the templates, here are my top 7 subject lines that you could be using for all your follow up emails:

  • Sorry I missed you

  • Don't forget

  • Still interested in a quote?

  • [first name], quick question¬†

  • [referral partner] recommended that we chat

  • Your house is on fire

  • Phone or email?

(Note: All of these emails have already been added to your email template folder in AgencyZoom)

Follow Up - Example 1

Follow Up - Example 2

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