We feel your pain, insurance producers! You get a new lead but you never actually connect with them even though you tried for days or even weeks... AGGGHHH!! 

Is it time to give up?

Heck no! Enter the breakup email.

The first goal of the breakup email is to provoke a response from leads that you haven't heard from in a while. The second goal is to close the loop while setting up a new follow up cycle in the future.

Bottom line, this doesn't actually mean the end. It just means the end for now.

Use these templates at the end of your sequence to close the communication loop, while setting up a new followup cycle.

(All of these templates are available in your AgencyZoom email template folder!)

PRO-TIP: Make sure you're dragging these leads into AgencyZoom's Smart-Cycle so we get this lead out of your active pipeline and automatically recycle it back in the future.

Breakup - Example 1

Breakup - Example 2

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