AgencyZoom makes it easy for you to save your email signature and embed it to all emails sent from AgencyZoom.

How to Save Your Signature

Head over to My Profile and you'll see a button to add/save your signature. From there click on Signature and you should see a popup as shown below.

From here you can add your email signature then click Save.

NOTE: Do not copy and page images, instead click the image icon to upload images (e.g. your logo). Once uploaded you can click on the image to resize as needed.

How to Create a Great Email Signature

You may think the perfect email signature has a bunch of formatting, colors, and a picture, but that's actually not the case. Here are a couple of guiding principles:

Keep it Simple
In your business, you are engaging with your clients on a one-on-one basis so you want all of your emails to feel personal. Your email signature plays a part in that, and if it's too complex then customers will have a harder time really engaging with you via email.

Logos and personal images are ok, but don't go overboard with over the top graphics.

Add a call to action

Your email signature is a great opportunity to invite your customers to take action. I'd suggest adding one of the following as a link at the bottom of your email signature.

Here's a some examples of email signatures to give you some ideas

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