No More Double Entry!

With our NowCerts integration, you won't need to worry about any double entry! AgencyZoom will sync information over to NowCerts in real-time, automatically.

It's amazing!

What data Syncs to NowCerts?

NOTE: This integration will be expanded to a bi-directional integration which will allow you to pull data from NowCerts, such as your entire book of business and all policy updates.

How to activate the integration

Here's a step by step guide on how to activate the integration:

  1. Click here to go to the integration page
  2. Click Connect and follow the prompt.
  3. Type your NowCert username and password
  4. Follow the settings browser (see image below for an explanation on the different type of settings)
  5. For the integration to be successful, you must complete field mapping for the carriers and different policy types. Just click on Field Mapping and go through each section.

System settings explanation:

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