Do you want to control the survey score that gets forwarded to Google? For example, if clients give a review of 4 stars or higher, send those to Google.

Do you want to know how to send Google review surveys to existing clients?

The questions to those (and more!) can be found in this video:

***The "Pending" section referred to in the video is now called "Survey Results" ***


Please note, in order for a new customer to leave a google review and post to your page, they must have a gmail account. If they do not have an account, when they click on the star rating from the email, a window will pop up prompting them to either login to their account or create one in order to post.

If the new customer has a google account and is already logged in, when they click the star rating, a window will pop up prompting them to submit their rating and review.

AgencyZoom cannot control if new customers do not fully submit their rating or do not have a google account.

These are just troubleshooting tips to keep in mind.

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