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How to active your Zipwhip integration

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The Zipwhip + AgencyZoom integration allows agents to text prospects and customers directly from their AgencyZoom account. Users can set an automated texting workflow to follow up on warm leads, offer more personalized onboarding experiences, and send reminders for upcoming policy renewals.

How to connect?

1. Go to the Zipwhip application from the Agencyzoom marketplace

2. Click Connect from the left menu

3. Type in your Zipwhip Credentials (e.g. example@(123) 5555-5585 and your Zipwhip password).

Note: You must have Zipwhip 2.0 License to be able to use this integration. If you’ve purchased your Zipwhip account through a third-party Zipwhip partner then you may not be able to integrate. Please contact Zipwhip if you have any questions or run into authentication issues when attempting to connect to your account.

New to Zipwhip?

Communicate with customers the way they prefer — texting. See how Zipwhip’s easy-to-use software helps improve customer responsiveness and satisfaction.

  • Text enable your existing business phone number

  • Send and receive texts on your computer or mobile devices

  • Integrate with the applications you use daily

  • Accomplish more work in less time with automation tools

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