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Q: I'm using a phone provide that you don't integrate with, how can I make calls (or texts) from AgencyZoom?

A: You will need to create a Twilio account and Twilio as a service provider for the call calls and texts made from AgencyZoom. The good news is that calls made out of AgencyZoom using your new Twilio account will have the same caller ID as your Agency's main phone line (or whatever you set your caller ID to). More on this can be found at the Twilio click to call setup Guide.

Q: I have a Twilio account that I use for texting, if I use that Twilio account for calling will the calls be coming out of our Twilio texting number?

A: No, you can set up a caller ID that will allow you to make calls directly out of Agencyzoom and have those calls show up as a different number (e.g. you office number). You'll have to prove that you own that number, but otherwise it's very simple to setup a new caller ID.

Q: If I call a client from AgencyZoom and that client tries to call me back, where does that call get routed to?

A: If you're using Ringcentral, then the call will be routed to your Ringcentral line. If you're using Twilio, then it depends on the set caller ID. The caller ID is the number that the client will see on their end and it's the number the returned call will be routed to. We go through this in your Twilio click to call setup Guide.

Q: If I use Twilio do I get charged for calls made?

A: Yes, if Twilio is the service provider used to make the calls then Twilio will be charging for outbound calls. You can learn more about Twilio's pricing here.

Q: If I use RingCentral do I get charged for calls made?

A: No, extra charges do not apply from RingCentral.

Q: Can I make calls from the AgencyZoom mobile app? If so, what service will I be using for that call?

A: Calls made from the mobile app will come directly from your cell phone and will not be made through your VOIP (e.g. Twilio, RingCentral) provider the same way that calls made from AgencyZoom through your browser are.

Q: How can I track call activities made by our team from AgencyZoom?

A: All outbound activities (calls, texts and emails) can be tracked in your activity report.

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