This is the third webinar in the Automation Series where tie it all together. We will cover what triggers the automation, what can be automated, and shot clocks. We will also walk through how to add new touchpoints, edit existing ones, and how to turn them on/off.

Key takeaways:

  1. What triggers automation
    - Lead Stage (New, Contacted, Quoted, Sold, Smart-cycle)
    - How long the lead has been in a certain stage
    - Lead Source

  2. What can be automated
    - Notifications/Reminders
    - Emails and Texts
    - Tasks

  3. Who can be enrolled in automation
    - Personal Leads
    - Commercial Leads
    - Customers within their first policy year
    - Life/Health customers within their first policy year

  4. Shot Clocks
    - Neglected Leads: Automatically reassign a lead based on the last activity date.
    - Aged Leads: Keep your pipeline lean. Leads who are not responding or moving forward in the sales process can automatically be moved to the Smart-Cycle and recycled back into your active pipeline at a later date of your choice.

  5. How to add new and edit existing touchpoints
    - Add: click on the blue button on the top right-hand corner
    - Edit: click on the 3 small dots on the right-hand side of a specific touchpoint

  6. System Settings
    - "My Agency" > "System Settings" > "Automation.
    - Make changes based upon your preferences

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