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Release updates - January 2021
Release updates - January 2021

Happy new year!

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Happy new year!

Here are some new updates released in January 2021.

  • Added the ability to share automation with other agents

  • Added the ability to clone a touchpoint

  • Added the ability to create retention workflows based on lead sources

  • Enhanced reporting tables to allow for a more detailed drilldown

Sharing automation workflows with other agents

Do want to share your automation flow with another agent? Well now you can, all you have to do is export that workflow, send the file to the agent that you want to share it with, then all they have to do is import that workflow.

Added the ability to clone a touchpoint

If you're adding multiple touchpoints that are slightlighty different, now you can save time by cloning a touchpoint, making the necessary updates then save as a new touchpoint.

Retention workflows based on lead source

Now you now you can create new workflows for retention automation based on lead sources or lead source categories.

Report enhancement

The sale by producer report now allows you to drill down on each producer to see the underlying policy types. Click here to try it

Other items we are working on

ETA for the following items will be shared as we get closer to releasing them.

  • Ability to customize your sales pipeline (adding new stages etc)

  • Ability to create new pipelines

  • Ability to tag leads and customer, then use those tags to trigger an automation

  • Lifecycle automation enhancement to allow for the ability to create a seperate workflow for leads that return from Smart cycle.

  • Integrations with new a VOIP provider

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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