This webinar is structured differently than some of the previous sessions.

In this session, we talk about the Lead Journey or the path that a "lead" or "cross-sell" opportunity goes down during your sales process.

The video focuses more on the concepts and planning of your lead journeys rather than the actual setup in AgencyZoom.

While we will highlight the green business New Lead and Cross-sell paths, there are many different Lead Journeys you may want to build for your agency, depending on the way you work!

Key Takeaways:

  1. What is the path a lead goes through during the sales process?
    - New: New, Contacted, Quoted Sold, Smartycle
    - Cross-sell: similar to new, but scripting is different because this is already an existing customer

  2. Automation
    - Plan the sequence and content for your lead sources

  3. What triggers automation?
    - Lead Type: Commercial or Personal
    - Lead Source
    - Stage in the sales pipeline
    - How long a lead has been in a specific stage in the pipeline

  4. Example Categories of Automation
    - Warming Automation
    - Ready to Move Forward
    - Your Quote is Waiting
    - Onboarding
    - Keep in Touch

The walkthrough in this video will show applying automation to a lead in the stage and the process of creating a "Cross-sell" opportunity from an existing customer.

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