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Why it's important to add lead sources

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Why add lead sources?

#1 : Automation is triggered by lead source. For example, you can build a sequence of touchpoints that only apply to your referrals and others that only apply to call-ins. Your sales process and email scripting is likely different for these leads, therefore it is important to add them before you set up automation.

#2: Reporting and tracking: Under the Reports section in AgencyZoom you will have insight on how leads are performing. For example, how many leads are you actually converting to a sale?

How to add a Lead Source Category

Step 1) Click "My Agency" from the left navigation panel

Step 2) Click "Lead Sources" from the list of options

Step 3) To add a new category of lead sources, click "Add now", Name the Category and click "Save"

How to add a Lead Source

Step 1) Identify which category the new lead source applies to. For example, Facebook leads would be added to the Social Media category.

Step 2) Click "Add lead source"

Step 3) Add Source Name and click "Save"

*There is a setting to choose if you want this lead source to be excluded from sales.

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