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How to add and turn on automation

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Add an Automated Touchpoint:

Step 1) Go to "Lifecycle Automation" on the left navigation panel (rocket icon)

Step 2) Decide which pipeline and stage you want to build automation

Step 3) Click the blue "Add Automated Step"

Step 4) On the pop up window, decide what type of automation you want to create:

  • Automated Email or Text: sent directly to the lead or customer

  • Tasks (To-Do, Call, Email) : creates a task for an assigned user

  • Reminder: creates a reminder task for an assigned user

* Tasks appear in the assigned users "Todays Tasks" section on the navigation panel

Step 5) Complete the fields to determine when this touchpoint gets triggered, applies to which lead sources, template (if applicable), etc.

Step 6) Click "Save"

Turn Automated Touchpoints ON/OFF

To turn automation on and off, simply click on the toggle on the right-side of the touchpoint.

  • Blue = ON

  • Grey = OFF

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