Why integrate your Google Business Page with AgencyZoom?

1) Automate your requests to new customers

2) Receive more 5 star reviews posted to your page

How to integrate your Google My Business Page

Step 1) Click on "Google Reviews" icon on the left navigation panel

Step 2) Click "Set up your account"

Step 3) Click "Connect my Google Reviews"

Step 4) Go through the setup wizard (entering your credentials)

Step 5) Confirm the location and click "Next"

Step 6) Confirm your settings and click "Next"

Step 7) The next page provides details on how the integration works

Step 8) Click "See my Google Review Dashboard"

Multiple Locations?

  • You can sync multiple locations in AgencyZoom, but you must have the same amount of locations listed in AgencyZoom.

  • For Example: If you have 2 locations on your Google Page, but only one location in AgenccyZoom, you will only be able to sync one location in AgencyZoom.

  • To sync all locations, you will need to ensure they are all added in AgencyZoom.


Please note, in order for a new customer to leave a google review and post to your page, they must have a gmail account. If they do not have an account, when they click on the star rating from the email, a window will pop up prompting them to either login to their account or create one in order to post.

If the new customer has a google account and is already logged in, when they click the star rating, a window will pop up prompting them to submit their rating and review.

AgencyZoom cannot control if new customers do not fully submit their rating or do not have a google account.

These are just troubleshooting tips to keep in mind.

Still have questions? We're here to help! You can start a live chat with our Support Team by clicking the icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Support is available between 9am and 5pm EST, Monday - Friday. (Messages sent outside of those hours will be answered ASAP on the following business day.)

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