Connecting your email will provide seamless outreach to leads and customers from AgencyZoom. You can send one-off, bulk and automated emails.

GSuite (Admins)

  1. Go to “My Agency” on the bottom left navigation panel

  2. Click “Integrations”

  3. Scroll until you see the email section and click “GSuite”

  4. Click “Verify App”

  5. On the pop up window, copy the code provided

  6. Select “Continue”

  7. New browser window appears which will walk you through entering email credentials

  8. After you enter your credentials, you will land on a Google Admin page

  9. From your Google Admin Console, go to Menu > Security > Access and Data Controls > API Controls.

  10. Under App Access Control, click Manage Third-Party App Access

  11. For Configured apps, click “Add App”

  12. From the dropdown, select “OAuth App Name or Client ID, Android, or IOS”

  13. Paste the copied code and continue

    1. Copied code is:

  14. Select AgencyZoom

  15. Continue

  16. Go back into AgencyZoom and select “Connect”

  17. Follow prompts to login

  18. Decide if you want to sync all folders or a select few, then select “Update”

*Once the admin is connected, the remaining team members will need to connect their email.

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