Key Takeaways

1. The Smart-Cycle is a stage within the lead pipeline to be utilized when a lead is not sold, but also not a dead. Leads can be added to this stage and recycled into the active pipeline at a later date of your choice.

2. Automation can be built for the Smart-Cycle

3. Other use cases for using the Smart-Cycle:
- X -Date holding for future opportunities
- Shot-Clock: keep your pipeline lean by utilizing the Aged Shot Clock. This feature will automatically move stale leads to the Smart-Cycle and recycle at a later date.

Automation Recap
1. Automation is triggered by: Lead Source, Stage & how long a lead has been in a certain stage

2. Can be built for prospecting, smart-cycle and onboarding

3. Types of automation: texting, emails, tasks and reminders

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