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Add tags to leads and customers

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Tags can be used to help you sort through your leads, customers and policies. It's a great way for you to better manage a long list of clients and identify special cases (e.g. a hot lead, a VIP client, etc)

Examples of how to use tags:

  • Tag to identify Hot or Cold leads.

  • Tag customers that are VIP or Veterans etc.

  • Tag leads in a specific stage (e.g. Quoted) to identify where they are in the sales process.

  • Use tags to quickly filter through your customer list or lead list.

  • Apply automation based upon tags

Here's a quick video on how to:

  1. Manage your tags.

  2. Tag a customer and a lead.

  3. Create filters based on tags.

Categorize your tags

You can also customize how your tags are categorized:

  • Priority

  • Create Date

  • Alphabetically

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