**Please note, only AgencyZoom Admin users can create a new pipeline**

Step 1: Go to the "My Agency" icon on the left navigation panel

Step 2: From the list of options, choose "Pipelines"

Step 3: Select the blue "Create Pipeline" button on the top righthand corner of the screen and then select "Create a Sales Pipeline"

Step 4: The default stages will appear: New, Contacted, Quoted, and Sold.
These stages can be renamed, reordered, and you can add steps.

Step 5: Start with naming your new pipeline and stages

Step 6: If you would like to add another stage to your Custom Pipeline, you can scroll to the far right of ‘Sold’, where you’ll see an area labeled ‘Add New Stage’. Underneath, there is a blue button that says “+ New Stage”. You can also add a new stage by selecting the "+" that appears in between stages.

Step 7: Name the Stage Title and finish by clicking the green checkmark

Step 8: On each stage, you will see the question " What information would you like to capture at this stage?" This setting determines what is prompted when a lead is moved to a new stage.

  • Sales Opportunity

  • Policy

  • Notes

  • Appointment

For example, you choose your "Contacted" stage to capture "Sales Opportunity. When you move a lead to the Contacted stage, the lead card will pop out prompting you to add an opportunity on the lead.

NOTE: you can only designate 1 stage for each set of captured information

Step 9: Once complete, make sure to select "Save" on the top right hand of the screen.

Step 10: You will then be directed to the full list of pipelines.

Confirm which users have access to this new pipeline and activate the pipeline (blue toggle = on, grey toggle = off).

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