Through AgencyZoom's Lead Vendor Integration feature you can now set up certain lead vendors to drop directly into your pipeline!

There are two types of Integration used in this feature - webhooks, and email-based.

A webhook is a bridge that lets one application push data to another application in real-time! In this case your lead vendor website and AgencyZoom. Webhook integrations in AgencyZoom create a unique URL code that you then enter into your lead vendor's system - which then pushes over prospect data into AgencyZoom.

Our email-based integrations generate a unique email address that you add to the delivery list for your leads. When a lead provider sends your leads in an email then AgencyZoom reads these emails and brings the prospect data into your pipeline.

Supported Vendors:

Webhook Lead Vendors:

  • QuoteWizard

  • Banyan Theory

  • Webtricity

  • Parsey

  • Mail Parser

Email Based Lead Vendors:

  • All Web Leads


  • Datalot

  • Dave Ramsey

  • EverQuote

  • Get A Quote - Lead Portal

  • HometownQuotes

  • InsuranceQuotes

  • ITC Website

  • Quote Rush

  • Real Results

  • Smart Financial

  • Trusted Choice

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