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How to Manage and Build Pipelines

Custom Pipelines

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Ever wondered how to make automations easier for your pipeline? Or maybe even wondered what you can do with your pipeline? This article answers those questions!


Pipelines in Agency Zoom

This is one of the most important features of Agency Zoom because it houses all your leads. You have the ability to move them into different stages based on your customer journey.

To access the Default Pipeline built in Agency Zoom, click on the “Leads” tab on the left Navigation Panel.

When you first create your Agency Zoom account (before importing any leads), your pipeline should look similar to the picture above.

The different columns - New, Contacted, Quoted and Sold are the default stages we created to help you get started, however you have the ability to edit and create custom pipelines.

To move leads between stages, simply click on the name and drag them between the columns. Just keep in mind that each stage has a different set of automations assigned to it

How to Create a custom Pipeline

Step 1: Go to the "My Agency" icon on the left navigation panel

Step 2: From the list of options, choose "Pipelines"

Step 3: Select the blue "Create Pipeline" button on the top righthand corner of the screen and then select "Create a Sales Pipeline"

Step 4: The default stages will appear: New, Contacted, Quoted, and Sold.
These stages can be renamed, reordered, and you can add steps.

Step 5: Start with naming your new pipeline and stages

Step 6: If you would like to add another stage to your Custom Pipeline, you can scroll to the far right of ‘Sold’, where you’ll see an area labeled ‘Add New Stage’. Underneath, there is a blue button that says “+ New Stage”. You can also add a new stage by selecting the "+" that appears in between stages.

Step 7: Name the Stage Title and finish by clicking the green checkmark

Step 8: On each stage, you will see the question " What information would you like to capture at this stage?" This setting determines what is prompted when a lead is moved to a new stage.

  • Sales Opportunity

  • Policy

  • Notes

  • Appointment

For example, you choose your "Contacted" stage to capture "Sales Opportunity. When you move a lead to the Contacted stage, the lead card will pop out prompting you to add an opportunity on the lead.

NOTE: you can only designate 1 stage for each set of captured information

Step 9: Once complete, make sure to select "Save" on the top right hand of the screen.

Step 10: You will then be directed to the full list of pipelines.

Confirm which users have access to this new pipeline and activate the pipeline (blue toggle = on, grey toggle = off).

How to Edit Pipelines

To make any edits to a pipeline, start by going to the "My Agency" icon on the left navigation panel and then select "Pipelines" from the list of options.

From there you will see your full list of pipelines.

To edit a pipeline, click on the 3 dots on the left-hand side.

Renaming A Stage / Renaming Pipeline

You can rename any stage by clicking on the pen icon next to the name, then save the change by hitting the green checkmark button.

If you change your mind, you can hit the x to back out.

Additionally, you can click on change the name of the entire pipeline by going to the name on the top left and clicking on the pen icon.

Deleting A Stage

If you need to delete a stage, you can hit the ‘Delete Stage’ button in red on the Stage you’d like to delete. *NOTE: There is no undo for this.

Changing the Order of Pipeline Stages

You can change the order of pipeline stages by hover over a particular stage until you see the 4-arrow symbol. Once that appears you can simply click and drag your stage to the desired location.

How to Clone a Pipeline

Step 1: Go to the "My Agency" icon on the left navigation panel

Step 2: From the list of options, select "Pipelines"

Step 3: From your list of pipelines, determine which one you want to clone and select the 3 dots on the left-hand side

Step 4: After you select "clone", name the new pipeline and select "Confirm.

How to build automation for sales pipeline

Step 1. Navigate To Lifecycle Automation

Once you’ve built a pipeline, you can set each stage up to be automated for your customers and leads in the Lifecycle Automation tab.

Step 2. Select the Pipeline you want to build automation for

Underneath Prospecting on the left-hand side, you’ll now see custom pipelines that you’ve added, along with the standard pipelines you started out with.

Click on any of these pipeline names and their corresponding stages will appear underneath.

Click into the stage that you’d like to build out an automated workflow for.

Step 3. Create the Workflow

You’ll be able to add Automated Steps for the stage you’ve selected in your pipeline. You can do this by clicking ‘Add Automated Step’ in the top right corner and selecting from the options below:

  • Add Automated Step

    • Send an Email

    • Send a Text Message

  • Add a Task

    • ToDo

    • Call

    • Email

  • Add a Notification

    • Reminder

NOTE: You’ll have these same options if you select the dropdown in the ‘Add Automated Step’ button.

Step 4. Continue to build out your timeline of touchpoints for each stage

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