We can imagine that managing your leads is a very integral part of your business. This article outlines everything you need to know about efficient lead management.


Managing your leads in Agency Zoom is done in the Pipeline. From the “Leads” Tab, you have the ability to to look at all your leads either through the lens of an organized pipeline or in a list format. To view your leads in a list, just toggle on the “List” button right beside the Pipeline

How to Add Leads/ How to Import a Lead List from a CSV file

  1. Click “Leads” from the navigation panel (On the left side, beneath “Today’s Tasks”)

  2. Click “Add Lead” on the top right corner

  3. Complete the field mapping to organize your leads and click “Add”
    **Be sure to choose which pipeline and stage you want the new lead to populate into.

Watch this video for step by step instructions on how to import a lead list!

How to Delete a Lead

On the Leads Tab> Click the List Toggle>Locate the name you want to delete>Click the Checkbox next to the leads name>Delete

How to put a Lead in Dead

The “Dead” section of the Agency Zoom pipeline is for leads that are a “No Go”. They may have told you never to contact them again or maybe there isn’t a product or service available for their situation (Now and even in the future)

  1. Go to Leads

  2. Click on your lead and drag it towards the bottom of your screen.

  3. You will see a red box pop-up on the bottom right of your screen. Simply place your lead on top of the red dead deal box.

  4. Select a loss reason, enter any comments and click Save.

What is Smart-Cycle?

Smart Cycle (formally known as X-date) is a bucket that you can drop unsold quotes into and we'll make sure they automatically recycle back at the perfect time.

For example, when their accident falls off, when a claim falls off, X-Date.

When you move a lead to the Smart Cycle stage, all you have to do is select the event that you'd like to trigger recycling the lead and the system will automatically put the lead on the back burner until the date you've selected.

Then, AgencyZoom will automatically place the lead back in the "New" milestone in your pipeline with all of the prior comments/notes and notify the lead owner.

How to use Smart-Cycle to Automatically Recycle Leads

  1. Click and drag that lead to the "Smart Cycle" Stage

  2. Select an existing event date or add a new one if you don't have one added

  3. Add any notes then save

Once a lead is moved to the Smart Cycle stage, it will stay there until the selected date. You can see a list of all of your leads in the Smart cycle stage from the list view or by clicking the recycle icon from your pipeline.

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