Agency Zoom integrates with various Agency Management Systems linked below. We do not want to interrupt the process you’ve come to love, instead we’d like to make it automated and more efficient!


How to Connect with NowCerts

Which Data Syncs with NowCerts?

How to Connect with Hawksoft

Step 1: Activate the integration in Hawksoft

Steps to Launch the Integration in Hawksoft

1. Launch HawkSoft CMS

2. Click on the Setup Menu (gear icon, top right)

3. Select 'Marketplace'

4. Scroll down to find the listing for AgencyZoom

5. Check the box confirming consent to their Terms and Conditions (please see your account rep if you have questions)

6. Click 'Share Data'

Step 2: Connect you Hawksoft account with AgencyZoom

Once that is completed, go to the Hawksoft integration page in AgencyZoom, then click Connect. Simply type your Agency Account ID and click Save.

Note: It will take up to 24 hrs for the data to start showing in your AgencyZoom. We will email you once this has been completed so that you can continue to step 4.

Step 3: Review your integration settings

Please review the following settings under the Settings tab to control how the integration should function:

Step 4: Field Mapping

Please allow up to 24hrs for your Hawksoft data to start appearing in AgencyZoom. Once the data is done syncing, you'll need to complete field mapping for policy types, carriers, producers, and locations.

You can do this from the Hawksoft integration page, under the Field Mapping tab.

How to Connect with EzLynx

To import your book of business from EzLynx, run the Policy Master report and save it as a CSV file. Upload the saved CSV file into Agency Zoom.

Follow these instructions to complete this process:

  1. Go to “Reports” and select “All Reports”

  2. Select “Policy Master”

  3. Choose “select all” for all of the following filters EXCEPT “Status”. Select “Active”

4. For the “Date Select” field, choose “No Date Filter”

5. Click “View Report”

6. Click the download arrow and choose CSV

7. Save the CSV report to your computer. Upload EZLynx Reports into AgencyZoom:

  1. In AgencyZoom, select "My Agency" (gear icon)

  2. From the list of options, select "Integrations"

  3. On the Integration landing page, select EZLynx which is listed under the Agency Management System header.

  4. On the next page, select "Upload CSV"

Once complete, you will see your book of business in the "Customers" section within AgencyZoom.

How to Connect with AgencyMatrix

To download the right report from AgencyMatrix, please follow the below instructions

  1. Login into your AgencyMatrix account

  2. Click on the tab 'Reports'

  3. Once the reports page is loaded, click on the link 'Export Policies' in the section: Imports/Exports

  4. Change the "Start Date" in "Report Selection" to a very early date such as '01/01/1990', while keeping all the other options as is

  5. Click the "CSV" icon at the page bottom to download the report.

How to Connect with TAM / EPIC / How to upload your Book of Business

You will need to extract your data from your AMS or other program where you manage your book and save as a CSV. Ensure you have the name, contact info, policy type, carrier, effective and expiration date. If you do not have those fields, the report will not import.

Step 1) Click "Customers" on the left navigation panel.

Step 2) Click "Actions" on the top right corner and choose "Import Customers"

Step 3) Upload the CSV

Step 4) Complete field mapping and click "Next"

A message will display stating the import is in progress and you will receive an email once complete. Depending on how much data you are importing, it can take a while.

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