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Setting up your Agency Zoom Account with Google
Setting up your Agency Zoom Account with Google

Set up Google account, Get Google Reviews

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Having your business listed on Google created visibility and online traffic to your business. Positive Google reviews take this a step further by building credibility for your business. See how Agency Zoom can help with this!


How to set up a Google Business account

Step-by-Step Set-Up Guide:

First, you'll need to create and set up your Google My Business Page. It's free!

Pro-tip: use your Agency email when creating your My Business page!

Verify Your Business

Next, you'll need to verify your Agency location. Some accounts will be able to verify with a simple call or text - if you see that option, do it! Most people will need to do a postcard verification.

And... Done!

Once you verify your account, you are all set!

Getting Google Reviews through Agency Zoom

How to integrate your Google My Business Page

Step 1) Click on "Google Reviews" icon on the left navigation panel

Step 2) Click "Set up your account"

Step 3) Click "Connect my Google Reviews"

Step 4) Go through the setup wizard (entering your credentials)

Step 5) Confirm the location and click "Next"

Step 6) Confirm your settings and click "Next"

Step 7) The next page provides details on how the integration works

Step 8) Click "See my Google Review Dashboard"

Multiple Locations?

  • You can sync multiple locations in Agency Zoom, but you must have the same amount of locations listed in Agency Zoom.

  • For Example: If you have 2 locations on your Google Page, but only one location in Agency Zoom, you will only be able to sync one location in Agency Zoom.

  • To sync all locations, you will need to ensure they are all added in Agency Zoom


Please note, in order for a new customer to leave a google review and post to your page, they must have a gmail account. If they do not have an account, when they click on the star rating from the email, a window will pop up prompting them to either login to their account or create one in order to post.

If the new customer has a google account and is already logged in, when they click the star rating, a window will pop up prompting them to submit their rating and review.

Agency Zoom cannot control if new customers do not fully submit their rating or do not have a google account.

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