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Calendar Integration Setup Guide
Calendar Integration Setup Guide

Create, Share and Sync Appointments

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Simplify your appointment setting process with less double data entry and gain more time to focus on what is most important to your agency.

How it works:

  • 2-way appointment sync from AgencyZoom to your calendar and from your calendar to AgencyZoom.

  • Appointments will attach to existing leads or customers.

    • If no customer or lead is found, a new lead will be created (optional setting).

  • Scheduling Tool: create different meeting types with shareable links

  • Quick access to your calendar on every page within AgencyZoom

  • Team calendar: visibility into other team members availability

How to Connect:

  1. My Profile > Email Settings > Calendar > Connect

    Note: Your email must be integrated to get access to the calendar feature. If your email is already integrated but you do not see the calendar feature, disconnect and reconnect your email integration.

  2. Choose Calendar settings

Create a Scheduling Page

Click EDIT under the calendar settings section to begin creating your first meeting link.

  1. Add a scheduling page

2.Complete Event Info: Event Name, Location and Duration

3. Complete Availability & Create

Once created, the meeting link can be shared so customers can find the best time to meet with you.

  • If an appointment is created by someone who is already in your AgencyZoom account, the appointment will sync to their profile.

  • If someone is not in your AgencyZoom account, a lead will be created and added to your leads pipeline (optional setting).

Additional Calendar Feature Resources:

Create an appointment

Calendar Settings & FAQ

  • GSuite and Outlook supported

  • Your email must be integrated in AgencyZoom to utilize the calendar feature.

  • Email connected, but don’t see the calendar feature? Disconnect and reconnect your email.

  • Essential Plan does not have email or calendar integration.

    To upgrade, go to My Agency > My Account

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