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How to integrate PL Rating

How to integrate and use PL Rating

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In this guide, we will go over how to setup the integration and how the integration works.

How to setup PLR integration:

  • Before connecting in AgencyZoom, ensure you are logged into your PL Rating account.

  1. In AgencyZoom, select My Agency icon > Integration

  2. Select PL Rating under the Comparative Rater section

  3. Select "Connect"

  4. Enter your PL Rating username, then click Submit

  5. To connect other users, click into the Settings. You will see your list of team members.

  6. Click the plus sign on their name and enter their PL Rating username.

  • Team members who are not connected can still send quote info to PL Rating. The default user will be the agency owner.

AgencyZoom to PLR:

  1. Once a lead is quoted in AgencyZoom, the option to send information to PL Rating will be displayed.

  2. Make your quote type selection: Home, Auto or Package

  3. A new browser window will open up, taking you directly to PL Rating, where you can expect to find a new quote profile ready for you to complete with the following information already populated from AgencyZoom:

    1. Name

    2. DOB

    3. Address

    4. Phone

    5. Email

    6. Marital status

PLR to AgencyZoom:

You can now export quotes from PL Rating to AgencyZoom and add to a new or existing lead.

  1. Add AgencyZoom as a product in PLR

    1. Admin > manage agency information

    2. Select products

    3. Select AgencyZoom

    4. Finish

  2. Export Quote from PLR to AgencyZoom

    1. Client list > select client

    2. Select existing quote

    3. Select export

    4. Select AgencyZoom in the Connect Partner dropdown

    5. Export

  3. In AgencyZoom

    1. Sign in if you have not already

    2. If a match is found, the quote will be applied to the lead file.

    3. If no match is found, search existing leads OR create a new lead

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