The most traditional place for tickets to come from is going to be from your customers. Raul gives us a call. We're on the phone with him. We find out that he was in a fender bender.

Search within your Customers tab (most of this information is populated through your AMS or an import when you first joined AgencyZoom). Once you've found the customer, click their name and then click on the little life preserver. We can fill out this summary. And this is what is going to make our service ticket. You're able to attach additional information (pictures, pdfs, etc) and then click Save.

You are able to connect and integrate your own email inbox. If you currently have an info@ or a service@, this is a great opportunity to connect that. If you have an info@ and you frequently receive a whole host of different request, that can get too chaotic.

To manage that chaos, we've allowed you to create mini- AgencyZoom Managed Inboxes, that you can then use as shortcuts to forward in the emails from your info@. This will help ensure they create the correct type of ticket and get entered into the right pipeline.

Whether you connect your own inbox or use one of our mini-inboxes, we'll attempt to recognize the customer based off their email on file. If we don't recognize it, it's very easy to come into the Service Center tab, and click on Unmatched, and then Link to Existing Customer.

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