We are very excited to show you some of the ins and outs of Service Center. Let's start in My Agency > Pipelines

You'll notice we have a lot of prebuilt pipelines now available to you to choose from; Onboarding, Claims, Service, Renewals, Surplus Renewals.

Service and Claims pipelines function very similarly, you'll create tickets from your Customers tab, connect to an info@, service@ inbox for your agency, or maybe even to your website!

The other three; Onboarding, Renewals, and Surplus Renewals operate a little differently. Many agencies that have outgrown their traditional Onboarding and Retain automation, have got to a point that their renewal process is no longer linear.

The pipelines allow for a staged approach that focuses on the customer's engagement and your own internal processes. The tickets will be generated in Onboarding, Renewals, and Surplus Renewals off of the factors you set for them.

Similarly to Sales pipelines, you can control who is able to see each pipeline; everyone, by job role, or even by specific person(s) by click on the eye where it says Everyone. You're also able to have automation attached to all of your service pipelines; that can include a CSAT request, a text or email confirmation that you've received their information, etc.

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