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System settings are important for admins to review when setting up the account. These settings will determine how and when automation is sent, how your staff is alerted for sales or lead assignments, notifications, required fields and many more.

Only admins will have access to system settings which can be found navigating to the My Agency (gear icon) > System Settings (in blue).

This article will not cover every setting but we will highlight key items:

  • Lead

      • Determine if you want all leads visible to all team members. This setting is ideal for agencies who want staff to be able to help on accounts when other team members are out of office.

      • The lead pipeline will still default to showing leads assigned to that specific user. To view leads assigned to others, the view will need to be filtered.

  • Automation

      • This setting will allow automated touchpoints to be triggered even if it is after business hours. For example, your business hours are 8-5pm EST. You have automation set to go out Day 1 at 6pm EST. This automation may get skipped due to it being outside business hours.

      • This setting will help keep your automation on track. For example, a producer decides to work on the weekend or maybe you have leads that automatically enter into your account. Some of those leads may populate on a Saturday or Sunday. By turning this setting ON, you ensure your automation triggers and stays on timeline.

      • Default time for automation to trigger. You will have the ability to edit each touchpoint within Lifecycle Automation.

  • Work Schedule

    • These settings will affect how the lifecycle automation touchpoint settings perform.

    • If Saturday and Sunday are not business days, be sure to check the automation setting " trigger regardless if it is a work day or not"

  • Notifications

    • These settings control how you are notified for texts, emails, task reminders lead assignments and many more.

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