Troubleshooting Automation

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Did you notice an automated step did not go out or a sequence has not started yet? Always be sure to view settings first. Only admins will have access these.

  1. System Settings

    1. My Agency > System Settings > Automation

    2. Check the timing settings:

      1. Is automation set to go out on weekends and outside of business hours?

      2. Calendar Days vs Business Days

  2. Lifecycle Automation

    1. View the settings on the automated touchpoint to determine the trigger criteria and compare against the time and information on your lead or customer.

      1. To locate this information go to Lifecycle Automation > Identify The Touchpoint > Select 3 Dots and choose Edit

      2. Key items to look for : lead source, tags, timing, carriers.

    2. Check to see if the touchpoint is scheduled to go out. You can find this information by selecting the calendar icon on a specific touchpoint

  3. Service Center

    1. Renewal and Onboarding Pipelines

      1. When creating a new pipeline, the system will walk you through settings on how and when you want tickets to get created.

        1. To check pipeline settings go to My Agency > Pipelines > Edit the pipeline in questions > Choose Settings at the top of the page

      2. Check those settings and compare against the dates on the policies

      3. Be sure to check overall System Settings to determine if your automation is based upon business or calendar days.

After some self troubleshooting, if you cannot determine why automation did not trigger, we recommend chatting with our Support Team via the blue chat bubble.

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