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Batch Update, Delete, Bulk Email
Batch Update, Delete, Bulk Email

Delete, reassign, batch update, apply tag

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There will be times when accounts need reassigned to another producer, CSR or even deleted. AgencyZoom allows you to batch update and bulk complete certain tasks. Options displayed will depend on plan type, integrations and role permission type (admin vs. non admin).

For customers:

  • Delete

  • Create tasks

  • Send email

  • Send text

  • Note

  • Batch update

    • Reassign Producer or CSR

    • Change lead source

  • Tag

  • Create lead

  • Re-enroll automation

  • Create service ticket

For leads:

  • Delete

  • Create tasks

  • Send email

  • Batch Update

    • Reassign producer or CSR

    • Change status, pipeline and stage

    • Change lead source or location

    • Automation: disable to enable

    • Change smartcycle date

  • Tag

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