Please follow these steps to enable two-way sync capabilities:

Step 1: Enable two-way sync in Hawksoft

  1. Launch Hawksoft CMS

  2. Open the Setup Menu (gear icon, top-right corner)

  3. Select "Marketplace"

  4. In the browser window that appears, locate the listing for "AgencyZoom (W)

  5. Check the box to consent to AgencyZoom's terms and conditions

    1. There are two listing for AgencyZoom in the Marketplace. Both listings will need the consent box checked in order for the sync to work both ways.

  6. Select "Share Data"

Step 2: Review your integration settings in AgencyZoom

  1. Please review the following settings listed under the Settings tab to enable the upload of activities and files from AgencyZoom to Hawksoft

  2. Under Field Mapping, complete the mapping for "Action Types"

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