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Release Updates- October 2022
Release Updates- October 2022

Policy-related activities, adding multiple executives, etc.

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See below for the list of release updates for the month of October!

  • Policy-related activities

  • Add multiple producers (executives) and CSRs to a lead, customer, or policy

  • Access AMS360 policy declarations page from within AgencyZoom

Policy-Related Activities

  1. Create policy-related activities - select which policy the activity pertains to when creating

    1. email & text

    2. task (option to create activity for suspense in AMS360)

    3. documents (ability to select document type for AMS360 users)

  2. View policy related activities - ability to view the activities related to a specific policy

    1. policy filter added to customer activities

    2. view activities from policy card

In the customer view, you will now see an Activities section on the policy card. From here, you can create a new activity specific to the policy or you can always select from the 'related policy' dropdown when creating an activity on the customer level. You can now filter the customer activities to view the activities pertaining to each policy.

*Users with integrated AMS will notice a new action type dropdown to allow them to distinguish the specific action type of an activity that will sync to their AMS. For AMS360 users, you will also notice a new integration setting that allows you and your team the option to create an activity in AMS to accompany the suspense.

Add Multiple Producers (Executives) and CSRs to Leads, Customers, and Policies

When adding a lead, customer, or policy, you can now add additional executive(s) or CSR(s). You will see a dropdown titled "Other Producer(s) [Executive(s)]" and "Other CSR(s)" in addition to the primary Executive and Representative dropdowns.

All assigned Producers and CSRs will have the lead visible in their pipeline view and customer list view. They will also all receive inbound communication notifications - given that the notification settings are turned on.

How does this affect reporting? Prospecting conversions will apply to all assigned Producer(s) and CSR(s). Sales will be split amongst the assigned Producer(s).

Please don't hesitate to chat with us if you have any questions!

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