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2022 Year in Review (Allstate)
2022 Year in Review (Allstate)
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Lead Enhancements

  • Ability to assign a lead or policy to multiple producers

  • Select a business type focus (personal vs. commercial) - the default interface when adding a new lead or customer

  • Lead import improvements around summary pages and lead import performance

  • Headers added to pipeline stages to display the total quoted premium ($) and leads in that stage

  • Zip code filters that apply to leads, contacts, and customers for a higher resolution of specific cohorts

  • "Next expiration date" and "expected close date" fields added in Lead Manager

  • Automatically tag web leads during their creation

  • Allow the lead to be split if multiple opportunities are on one lead and one of the opportunities is sold

  • Define the status of a quote and filter within the lead manager by quote status

Policy Enhancements

  • Add Tags to a specific policy

  • New policy type setup including user-defined categories and the ability to drag and drop policy types

  • Carrier and writing company setup - add writing companies and policy types to a carrier

  • Cancel a written policy from the customer view

Data & Reporting Enhancements

  • Report by quote status by producer, quote status by carrier, or quote status by policy type

  • New customer demo data that preloads new customer accounts with demo leads and customers

  • Reporting splits for all assigned producers and joint tasks when assigning mulitple producers to a lead or policy

  • Sales report enhancements:

    • Added policy type as a reporting filter

Custom Field Enhancements

  • Add and manage custom fields from ‘my agency’

  • Add a custom field to a lead, customer, or both

  • Define a custom field as personal, commercial, or both

  • Field mapping between leads and customers

  • Define custom fields as required in system settings ‘required data’

  • Clone tool for custom fields

Workflow Enhancements

  • Dashboard updates:

    • Consolidate winbacks, compensation, and activities into a 'more options' submenu for admins

    • Search by DBA

  • Task List updates:

    • Toolbar refinement

    • The ability to sort a task list by creation, due, or completion dates

    • Display task title as the header in today's tasks and automation sequences to display the most relevant information

    • Ability to assign multiple staff to a single task

  • Tag manager improvements including adding tags to policies and the ability to reorder and prioritize important tags to dictate the order they appear in the pipeline view or customer view

  • Update to billing with access until the end of monthly billing cycle when canceled

Compensation Updates

  • Ability to define policies as bundled

  • Reporting: bundle rate by producer and by customer

  • Comp: bundle rate booster, bundle rate bonus

  • Variable rate bonus

...stay tuned for new enhancements to be announced!

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