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Release Updates - December 2022
Release Updates - December 2022

Service Center enhancements, retain automation trigger, lead management enhancements

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Please see the below releases for the month of December.

12/7/22 Release:

  • Service Center Enhancements

12/14/22 Releases:

  • Retain Automation Trigger

  • Lead Management Enhancements

Service Center Enhancements

  1. Emails sent to the service inbox are now displayed in the Activities section for service requests.

  2. Customer files are now shown in the Files section of a service request.

  3. Remember stage sort configuration: when you change the filters displayed in Service Center, the changes will stay in place even when leaving the page or refreshing.

Retain Automation Trigger

"Apply this touchpoint to" trigger has been added to the retain touchpoint to determine whether the touchpoint triggers once per customer or per policy. Use this trigger to avoid having an email sent multiple times to the same customer that has multiple policies.

Lead Management Enhancements

  1. Import:

    1. Map to producer

    2. Map to lead source

2. Lead Transfer Enhancements:

To transfer a lead to another agency that has AgencyZoom, select the icon at the top of a lead card (image below) and enter agency's email that will be receiving the transfer.

  1. Under System Settings, you can manage inbound transfer lead source, tags, pipeline/stage, and assignment.

  2. You will receive a notification when a transfer is received.

  3. Opportunities and quote information are notated in Activities.

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