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Release Updates - January 2023
Release Updates - January 2023

NerdPhone integration, AMS360 user mapping, inbound text notifications, PL Rating MGA email, and more

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Happy New Year! Check out our latest release for the month of January:

1/4/23 Releases:

  • NerdPhone integration

  • AMS360 user mapping updates

  • Allow Producer and CSR to receive inbound text notifications

  • Trigger shot-clock by service request due date

  • PL Rating MGA email

NerdPhone Integration

The NerdPhone (VoIP) integration allows you to initiate texts and calls from within AgencyZoom using your NerdPhone account. Set up automated texting workflows, streamline communication, and improve customer responsiveness and satisfaction. To learn more, CLICK HERE

AMS360 User Mapping Updates

We've updated the user mapping in the integration field mapping to accommodate the configuration necessary for exec and rep commission splits in AMS360 and permit the use of a single license/user in AgencyZoom. This helps solve the problem of having to create duplicate users in AgencyZoom when trying to pay different commission rates when an exec and rep are the same person.

  1. Map AMS360 users to AgencyZoom users (reverse of the previous configuration)

  2. Allow 2 AMS360 users to be mapped to 1 AZ user

    1. Only 1 AMS exec and 1 AMS rep per AZ user

Allow Producer & CSR to receive Inbound Text Notifications

Under System Settings, there is now an additional dropdown for both an executive and a rep to receive inbound text notifications.

Trigger Shot-Clock by Service Request Due Date

You can now create a shot-clock in service automation to trigger Prior to OR after the service request due date. This gives you the ability to move to an overdue stage and/or different workflow.

PL Rating MGA Email

PLR Market Access has been added to the web lead integration for Master PL Rating to send to Master AgencyZoom. You can automatically create a lead from the PL Rating market access submission email. Track the bind status and update the sub agency. The carrier link is also included in the activities.

Please don't hesitate to chat with us if you have any questions!

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