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Release Updates - March 2023 (Allstate)
Release Updates - March 2023 (Allstate)

Updates to Allstate Compensation- commission rate by bundle status

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Compensation Enhancements - Commission Rate by Bundle Status

Released 3/8/23:

We appreciate your feedback and understand how critically important commission is for our Allstate users. The below enhancements have been released to help provide a user-friendly solution to a complex commission structure.

Commission Rate by Bundle Status

You can differentiate the commission rates for each bundle status by following these steps:

  1. Select Allstate as the carrier

  2. Define which policy types the commission tier will apply to

  3. Select your the tier advancement metric (metric that will increase the commission rates) and be sure to select "flat rate" for how the commission rates are applied to the tiers

Below is a sample in which the producer will receive 4% commission on monoline, 6% on bundled, and 8% on preferred bundled policies. If the producer sells 15 baseline items in the month, their commission jumps to 6%, 10%, and 12% respectively.

Updates to Commission Explained

When viewing the commission (select the commission total and expand the Worksheet), the calculations are shown pertinent to each bundle status.

Updates to Comp Statement

Download and open the comp statement to view the line items with bundle status. On page 2, the calculations are present.

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